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3sixty Services

At 3sixty Fabrication, our comprehensive range of services ensures seamless collaboration with clients and design partners, providing unparalleled artistry, innovation, and expertise to transform your vision into reality with exceptional quality every step of the way.

01. Design and Modeling

At 3sixty Fabrication, we leverage the partner’s, collective, 60 years of expertise of architectural coordination in order to help visualize the project as a code compliant and constructible element from the onset. We work closely with our clients and their contractors to develop the optimal fabrication and installation strategy, and then document our means and methods in highly detailed shop drawings using AutoCAD and SolidWorks. Our goal is to ensure that all stakeholders are in alignment with the fabrication and finish requirements. There are no surprises from the start through the finish.

02. Prototyping

3sixty exceeds in collaborating with design teams early on in the conceptual phase. We dig deep, research and evaluate different materials and fabrication methods, and test these selections to ensure that the intended means and methods delivered on the final project meet on our clients and design consultant’s expectations.

03. Budgeting

For projects still in the planning and design development stage, 3sixty can provide a cost assessment to determine whether or not the design concepts can be honed to stay within the budget. In cases where the designs appear to eclipse the budget, 3sixty can suggest value engineering options to the customers that will maintain much of the design intent while saving cost.

04. Project Analysis

Additionally, our decades of experience across many different types of projects and venues enable our team to quickly evaluate project’s architectural concept drawings and recommending options to ensure that there are no conflict with our custom fabricated elements onsite. This includes understanding the integration of different trades and how they impact our scope of work and thereafter, preparing detailed coordination packages needed to effectively complete installation as part of the onsite team. Embeds, in-wall bracketing and the like are much cheaper when considered and implemented early, verses removing and redoing concrete and drywall later in the scope.

As the installation processes unfolds and things change in the field, our experience team keeps a keen eye on the project in an effort to proactively catch conflicts, and communicate them effectively so as to ensure a well-coordinated installation process.

05. Project Management

At 3sixty, Project Management is key in our overall value proposition that keep our clients informed why completing the overall project with precision.  Our PM’s, follow a disciplined process and are trained by our founders that have decades of completing projects successfully around the united states and Globally. Our PM’s track and manage all aspects of our projects and take a leading role in communicating with all stakeholders with status updates keeping them aware of the projects progress from start to finish with one simple goal, complete each project on budget, on-time with precision and excellence.

06. Fabrication

Custom fabrication is what defines 3sixty Fabrication and its team of experienced fabricators. In addition to our founders’ decades of experience, our team, with their certified and varied skill sets, combine to product some of the most complex and complicated project across many disciplines. Their passion and pride put forth on each project ensure quality and long historic satisfied customer base.

07. Installation

Throughout the last 3 decades, our Founders have installed many different elements on the interior and exterior of many different venues in many locations around the globe. This experience translates into a installation competence learned over the years and a network of competent installers that are part of our extensive network of trusted subcontractors throughout the United States. All installations are supervised by an experienced 3sixty Fabrication founders or Project Managers who oversees the install process from start to finish, and acts as the primary liaison to the client and other trades during the install process.

Additional Capabilities

Metal Fabrication

Precision metal fabrication tailored to your unique design, merging form and function with uncompromising craftsmanship

Thematic and Structural Glass

Transform your space with thematic and structural glass, elevating aesthetics through innovative, custom creations

Signs and UL Listing

Craft eye-catching signs with UL Listing, ensuring safety and quality that exceed expectations

Mechanical Engineering and Kinetic Icons

Bring motion to your project with our mechanical engineering expertise and kinetic icons, igniting visual interest and interaction

Robotics Integration

Seamlessly integrate advanced robotics into your designs, enhancing capabilities and user experiences

Faux Finishing

Achieve stunning visual effects with faux finishing, adding depth and realism to your project's aesthetics

Casting and 3D Printing

Bring intricate detailing to life with casting and 3D printing, creating stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces

Digital Printing

Capture the essence of your vision with high-quality digital printing, delivering vibrant results that speak for themselves