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About 3sixty

At 3sixty Fabrication, our experience shows that the best projects are born from true collaborations between the owners, their design partners, and 3sixty Fabrication. For this reason, we’ve made it our mission to work closely with the owner teams and their design partners to bring their vision to life with the highest level of artistry, innovation, execution, and quality.

Who We Are

At 3sixty Fabrication, we are a team of skilled artisans and craftsmen who specialize in bespoke fabrication for a range of industries, from gaming to museums. With over 30 years of combined experience in thematic construction, signage, and miscellaneous metals, we pride ourselves on delivering unmatched quality, craftsmanship and advanced technologies that become part of immersive environments and experiences. Let us bring your project to life with stunning, intricate pieces that capture the imagination of visitors and leave a lasting impression.

I hired David's company in the early 1990s to fabricate and install Universal Studios Hollywood's corporate ID, retail store, and wayfinding sign packages. Over 30 years of continued collaborations, David consistently delivered exceptional results in fabrication and technology innovation. His design innovation, entrepreneurial mindset, and rapid and clear communication style makes him an invaluable collaborator on any project.

Mark HillierPrinciple, Creative Director, Creative Pull Design

Dave’s attention to detail, collaborative approach, and reputation for undertaking complex design projects set him apart from many specialty fabricators working in the Hospitality, Retail, and Entertainment Marketplace. His commitment and enthusiasm to bring the design vision to reality is refreshing.

Marc RomeroFounder, Romero Thorsen Design

A rare find, a person that truly cares about his clients and the project outcome. With passion, David has always worked to achieve the most effective and precise outcome. He is a total master of materials and logistics.

Louis TroianiPrinciple, Studio Progetti

What We Do

At 3sixty Fabrication, we are experts in manufacturing architectural metal and glass elements, signage, icons, and more. Our team of skilled artisans and craftsmen can handle projects of any size and complexity, providing precision fabrication and flawless execution from start to finish.

With cutting-edge technologies and a commitment to the industry's highest standard of quality, we engineer, fabricate, install, and manage the entire process, ensuring the perfect fit and finish of every element we produce that meet budgets and exceed expectations.

Our Location

At 3sixty Fabrication, we're proud to call Las Vegas our home. This vibrant city is renowned for its innovation, creativity, and world-class architecture, providing the perfect backdrop for our passion for pushing boundaries and bringing our clients' visions to life.

Our team draws inspiration from the city's unique energy, infusing it into every project we undertake. Whether it's the iconic landmarks or cutting-edge designs, Las Vegas offers endless inspiration to think outside the box with our clients and create exceptional, one-of-a-kind projects. As we continue to call Las Vegas home, we're excited to share our skills, creativity, and expertise with the world.

The Difference

At 3sixty Fabrication, we specialize in creating custom, high-quality elements and icons that meet the demands of even the most complex and sophisticated projects, working closely with the world's leading design firms as part of the ownership team of each project.

Our Commitments

Developing innovative fabrication strategies to overcome unique project challenges, using a wide variety of materials.


Executing meticulous engineered shop drawings that ensure precision and accuracy of both fabrication and installation.


Maintaining open and professional communication with all project stakeholders.


Working closely with our customer’s design and architecture consultants to maintain design integrity that meets or exceeds expectations.


Utilizing our expertise to achieve the highest level of quality standards on every project, no matter its location around the world.


Let us show you how we can elevate your next project to new heights.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence and attention to detail. Whether we are working with metal, glass, or any other materials as we bring the same level of expertise and creativity to every project.