Camarillo Factory Outlets

Camarillo, California

We were hired by Steve Craig Reality and designer Louis Troiani of Studio Progetti to implement all shopping center architectural elements, signage and wayfinding systems. The combination of aluminum, wood, faux finished steel, concrete and porcelain within the design language started to take the factory outlet shopping center experience to a new level of luxury.

We created the means, methods and completed the engineering, fabrication and installation of the freeway pylon sign, the two entryway arched icons with integrated signage. We also completed all directories and wayfinding signs, all of which contained a combined set of material including wood and printed porcelain steel. The results were a comprehensive high end retail sign and element package for the a next level shopping center experience expertly design by Studio Progetti and executed with architectural quality.

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Camarillo, CA


Studio Progetti


Craig Reality Group